Join us…  as we explore the world of the young dual language learner through video!
Our two video series—crisp visual tools—showcase real-world examples of best practices in the field:

The Young Dual Language Learner: 20 Short Videos

Soyul & Teacher Yvette… Adventures in Preschool Second Language Acquisition

Fun, mobile and free, these online resources are now available to teachers, directors and instructors!

“A savvy and delightful collection of videos backed up by illustrated plans for their use with potential and practicing early childhood professionals… Most importantly, these videos demonstrate that by respecting the diverse culture and home language of families, young learners become happier, more confident and more engaged in all the activities of the school day.”

Marilyn McGrath
Professor, Santa Monica College
Past President of the California Association for the Education of Young Children

The Young Dual Language Learner: 20 Short Videos  is a vibrant series and professional development tool, shining a bright light on best practices in dual language learning. Now available on our YouTube channel!

This series features 20 three-minute videos and offers online streaming, presenter’s guide and questions & reflections. New America has featured our video work on its DLL blog!! Click here to read.


“This collection is extraordinarily helpful and wonderful to watch! I use the videos as illustrations and discussion starters in teacher workshops, meetings with college faculty and keynote presentations.”

Karen N. Nemeth
Author, Basics of Supporting Dual Language Learners
Founder and Lead Consultant, Language Castle LLC

Soyul & Teacher Yvette… Adventures in Preschool Second Language Acquisition, a singular video series, showcases the teacher-child dynamic across 14 months. This series features three 20-minute videos, highlighting the 4 four stages and teaching strategies in preschool second language acquisition.

This professional development tool is now available on our YouTube channel!

A powerful documentary, it demystifies and demonstrates the interplay between the stages and strategies of preschool second language acquisition for all who watch!”

Janet S. Oh, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Department of Psychology
Associate Director, Faculty Development, California State University, Northridge

Preview of the Soyul & Teacher Yvette  3-part video series

Video 1: A singular case study of one young dual language learner and her teacher—across 14 months of preschool

Video 2: On-camera commentaries on key characteristics of this child’s 4 stages—with Julie Espinoza and Dr. Marlene Zepeda

Video 3: On-camera commentaries on this teacher’s keen strategies—with Gay Macdonald, Dr. Marlene Zepeda and Dr. Linda M. Espinosa

Soyul & Teacher Yvette showcases the trajectory of language development across time and is a mobile, visual tool—taking a close look at preschool second language acquisition in action!

Soyul & Teacher Yvette includes facilitator’s guide and handouts, closed captions and streaming from our YouTube channel. It is also available on DVD from Redleaf Press, closed captioned in English and subtitled in Spanish.

Soyul & Teacher Yvette “is a terrific resource. It captures something marvelous and important—the educational power associated with seeing Soyul’s development through the stages of second language learning and the way that educators can incorporate research-based supports into the classroom.”

Kimberly Brenneman, Ph.D.
Assistant Research Professor
Rutgers Center for Cognitive Science
National Institute for Early Education Research