Supporting Preschool Dual Language Learners


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Starting Out

Early childhood educators may wish to interview parents and families to learn about and to build on their strengths and interests:

Feel free to use this interview questionnaire in English, Spanish, Korean, Armenian, Tagalog, or Chinese


Going Forward

Invite parents and families to support the culture and first language of preschool dual language learners – essential for healthy development.

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At school, parents and families might wish to: 
  •  Write welcome signs, labels, the alphabet, and the children’s names in many languages;
  • Read, sing, record traditional rhymes, or tell a favorite story;
  • Take photos for albums at school or at home;
  • Help children make a quilt together;
  • Teach the teacher and children to say hello and other useful words in the first language;
  • Take a walk to the public library and check out books, written in the first language;


  • Take neighborhood walks with the teacher and the children to the Armenian, Mexican or Salvadorian bakeries; and then help children to write about their experiences.
At home, parents and families might wish to:
  • Read with their child and talk about favorite books or stories in the first language;
  • Cook and record favorite recipes with their child to share at school;
  • Create a family photo album or an All About Me poster with their child to share;
  • Play board games with the whole family;
  • Help write a letter to a friend or relative down the street or far away;

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  • Bring some rice and a recipe to school to make Arroz Con Leche;
  • Bring a molinillo to school to make hot chocolate;
  • Teach the teacher and all children to sing the traditional Chocolate song in Spanish;
  • Help their child send a postcard to schoolmates from a special trip abroad.




Partnering with parents and families builds a vibrant community in which children thrive!