Presenter’s Guide to The Young Dual Language Learner: 20 Short Videos

Facilitator’s Guide to the Soyul & Teacher Yvette video series

Handouts for the Soyul & Teacher Yvette video series


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Helpful Links:

Colorín Colorado is a bilingual site for families and educators of dual language learners.
Language Castle is a resource for those who work with young dual language learners.



An Amazing Journey and Un Viaje Asombroso 

These twin articles celebrate a monolingual preschool teacher and her dual language learners.
Written by Sally Durbin, Co-Founder of Teaching At The Beginning, the articles were published by CAAEYC Connections, 2010.  They appear courtesy of the California Association for the Education of Young Children (CAAEYC), and may be downloaded for professional development.



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